What Are the Different Types of Reusable Bags Available in The Market

It is an effective way to boost marketing efforts of a business. Due to the worldwide ban on plastic bags, recycled bags are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses all across the world. These bags are very environment friendly than the other plastic bags. Reusable bags come in different varieties to choose from and impact environment in varying ways.

Promoting your brand with custom-made reusable bags can be both eco-friendly as well as a solid marketing investment that will pay off for many years. You must choose the right materials to make your reusable bags. This series consists of two parts. We will be looking at different materials for reusable bags and how to use them.

Thank you bag

This bag is made using HDPE i.e., High Density Polyethylene. It is very light in weight and a lot cost effective option to choose. As it is cheap, most of the people do not value its importance. Thank you, bags are designed to be super light, that can even blow in the air after dropping it.

The downside of these bags is that millions of these bags get deposited in garbage bins, landfill and trash trucks. It even damages the marine life and the overall environment. Due to this reason, these bags are mostly to come under the ban.

Kraft Paper Bags

Paper based bags fulfills most of the requirements that make it legal for use. The minimum cost for a paper-based bag is similar to a plastic bag. Paper bags are a better alternative for the nature.  These bags do not threaten environment and marine life even if they end up in oceans. They are biodegradable in nature that makes them eco-friendly alternative than plastic bags. Still, paper bags are not completely safe for the environment. Their manufacturing, disposal issue and usage serve are not a good choice for use.

  • emits 51% more amount of global warming gasses
  • 80 percentage of these bags fill in the landfills
  • creates 50 times higher water pollution
  • 4 times more use of raw materials
  • consumes two times more energy

Soft Loop Bags

LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene bags are just barely permissible under the laws made by the government. the bare minimum standard to ten thousandth of an inch. One reusable bag of this kind is equivalent to nearly 4 T-shirt bags.

As per manufacturers, LDPE bags can be washed or wiped clean under warm soapy water. They can be hung upside down for drying without loosening their fibers. Due to being found safe for the environment, LDPE bags are preferred by consumers. On an average, these bags are reused around 3.1 times.


NWPP bags are the bags that were created by the Ireland government in response to ban. These bags are found as a good replacement for T-Shirt bag. These bags are highly durable, easy to clean and use, inexpensive and attractive.

At just 99 cents, most of the shoppers viewed these reusable bags to be highly affordable upgrade.  Being bigger, sturdier, and easier to carry than other bags, it became an instant hit in the market. If you are interested in considering these bags for your business, then Order Full Color Bags Here.


Though there are different types of reusable bags, but not all of them qualifies as per the regulations of the industry. Learning about the environmental impact produced by these bags, you can choose authentic and safe bag for human and animals easily.