OFIYAA | Portable Tri – Screen Laptop Workstation – Discover a New World of Productivity

What if you could turn your laptop into a 3-screen setup in seconds? With the OFIYAA portable tri-screen laptop workstation, you can give your productivity a boost wherever you work.

The OFIYAA offers you a multifunctional, portable, dual-screen laptop monitor, allowing for fast assembly of your workstation on the move.

OFIYAA turns your single laptop screen into a tri-screen setup. How many times do you open and close your browser or toggle between multiple tabs? With OFIYAA, you get a screen combination that’s easy to navigate, giving you more screen real estate for your laptop.

Whether you’re a daytrader looking for more screens for your charts or a writer in need of more monitor space for your research – OFIYAA brings you the ultimate accessory for your portable workstation.

Connect OFIYAA to your mobile device or laptop using the USB/HDMI/TYPE-C ports. You get compatibility with iOS and Android, as well as Apple and PC devices.

What are the Benefits of Ordering Your OFIYAA Tri-Screen Laptop?

You get free worldwide shipping with DHL.

11.6-inch, 16:9 FHD display, featuring 1080P/60HZ (1920*1080P) resolution.

The built-in stand with the OFIYAA adapts to any laptop housing, from 13 to 17-inches.

Universal attachment to any laptop.

Compact and portable, weighing less than 3-lbs.

Compatibility with all operating systems.

Why Choose OFIYAA?

Multi-Mode Display

The OFIYAA multi-mode display allows for individual screens or one continuous setup. Connect the device to external video inputs, such as cameras, smartphones, tablets, and more.

HD Quality

The Ofiyaa Tri-Screen slides over the screen casing of any 13-inch to 17-inch laptop. You also have the option of adjusting screen parameters independently. The 11.6-inch screens display

In 16:9 FHD high-definition, with a resolution of 1080P/60Hz (1920*1080P). You get crystal-clear screens producing excellent picture quality in full HD.

Adjustable Screen Dynamics

Set up your screens any way you want. You have options for brightness, sharpness, and color, as well as scene mode, Dynamic Contrast, saturation, HUE, color temperature, backlight, aspect ratio, and more.

Folding Multi-View Design

The twin screens have a rotation range of 202°, allowing you to choose the perfect angle for any viewing situation. The OFIYAA lasted for over 10,000 folds in tests, giving you a minimum service life of five years.

Compact Portability

The entire assembly measures just 315mm x 215mm x 39mm in size. It’s the same size and weight as a MacBook Air. The lightweight screens attach to your laptop screen, and you can even keep them on when you close the laptop.

Supports Mobile Devices

OFIYAA connects to your laptop, but it’s also compatible with other devices like phones and tablets. The Type-C connection offers you versatile connectivity and operation with a range of devices.

Let OFIYA Turn Your Laptop into a Powerhouse of Productivity

The portability and functionality of the OFIYAA tri-fold screen make it an essential accessory for any laptop. Whether you’re working in the gig economy, web design, or drawing, the OFIYAA gives you the additional screen real estate you need to stay productive with your work.

Give the OFIYAA a try, and see how it improves and enhances your working experience.