All That You Want to Know About Rustic Chandeliers

Your house is the place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. So, it is evident that you would want to decorate the space according to your mood and aesthetics. Choosing lighting fixture for your house is also an important step to which you must give a little care. If you are inclined towards a specific style, the work becomes much easier.

If you are a fan of antique style of decoration and want to accommodate the antique feeling to your modern house through lighting fixtures, you have many choices. The range of rustic chandeliers in the market would surely appease your desire. The manufacturing of these products utilizes advance technology, but gives you the same feel of the ‘old time’.

Sofary has a wonderful range of lighting solutions including rustic crystal chandelier which is a perfect blend of modern lighting and antique styling. Use of crystal along with rustic base is quite appropriate for a modern home. They even make free shipping in US and unused and undamaged product can be returned within 30 days with refunds. The shipping cost is also refunded when the product is defective.

Material of Your Rustic Chandelier

To get the countryside feel, the base materials used for chandeliers are either metals like brass and copper or woods. For getting the best look the metals are not given shiny look. It has a rather dull glow. Paints are also used for the finishing. The metals used are also of varied range.

When you want to get the touch of nature woods are the best option. Nothing beats an all-natural wood as the base of chandelier. It has a very refreshing vibe. You can get different shades according to the type of wood used.

Use of filament bulbs is one of the prominent features of farmhouse style of lighting, but with modern outlook many chandeliers use LED lights.

Style and Design

To decide on the style and design of the chandelier can be really tough with today’s vast collection of the market. If you want to highlight both the modern aspect of your space and the rustic features you can choose to go for a metal-based crystal chandelier. However, if you want to make a bolder statement bring a wooden chandelier with uneven texture or an antler chandelier.

However, you have to remember that not every style suits your room. You cannot be adamant about buying a chandelier just because you like it. Not everybody has a chance to set the room after keeping the chandelier as the main focus.

Tips to Remember

  • Measure the right size, length and height of chandelier from the surface below.
  • Different spaces have different functions.
  • The room’s ambience and the chandelier should be in harmony.
  • Where you want to place the chandelier is equally important in heightening the charm of the chandelier. If it is not rightly placed both the ambience of the room and the beautiful feature of the chandelier is ruined.