The Reason Why Some People Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

Instant activated dedicated server hosting means that a client buys a complete server without sharing it with anyone. On the other hand, shared hosting means that more than one client will be associated with the server. Dedicated hosting has its advantages over shared hosting, as customers can choose the operating system, hardware, and other relevant components of their choice.

The purpose of web hosting is to allow organizations to make their websites visible on the World Wide Web. To meet this requirement, hosting companies allocate space on a web server owned by a client. Hosting companies usually provide complementary services such as server administration. Dedicated servers can sometimes offer a higher return on investment compared to a shared servers.

Top Key Features of HostingRaja Dedicated Server Hosting

These servers are supplied in data centers, which provide a continuous power supply and an ideal working environment. A dedicated web server dedicates the following components:

  • Operating system: availability and familiarity with the customer are the factors that determine which operating system is offered. Usually, several versions of LINUX and UNIX are included in the package.
  • Microsoft’s commercial operating system, Microsoft Windows Server, is available through a program known as Microsoft SPLA. A dedicated server plan is implemented to support these operating systems.
  • Bandwidth: is the speed of data transfer or the amount of data that can be transferred in a stipulated amount of time. The higher the bandwidth, the better the speed of your website. Dedicated servers provide high-speed networks of service providers. It generally works in a system of multiple service providers, since the bandwidth is very high.
  • Server administration: to keep the server updated they use following tools:
  1. Boost antivirus and firewall.
  2. Operating system update.
  3. Monitoring and application management.
  4. Server monitoring.
  5. Bandwidth monitoring.
  6. Database management.
  7. Technical support.
  8. Performance refinement.
  9. Data Backup
  10. Application Update Module

All these tools are necessary to improve the web hosting experience on your dedicated server hosting. Several hosting companies including HostingRaja provide packages such as fully managed, self-managed, and unmanaged servers.

  • Security: Hosting companies take extreme measures to prevent data loss on the server. Antivirus and antispam programs are implemented to analyze the entire system in search of unauthorized trojans, worms, and invaders. Server locks are preceded by blocking multiple connections.
  • Software: Hosting companies often provide a particular set of software in a server package. Microsoft provides licenses through a program called SPLA (service provider license agreement). The package includes the Windows operating system, the MS Exchange server, the MS SQL Server, MS SharePoint, etc. Dedicated server hosting companies also offer customizable packages in which the customer is free to choose the type of software required.

Some Limitations

The instant dedicated server web server has certain restrictions:

  1. Few providers do not allow IRC.
  2. Adult content is excluded as it requires more bandwidth.
  3. Suppliers do not allow the publication of copy material that you do not have permission to. It is strictly against its terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

Buying a dedicated server from a hosting service company’s an advanced form of hosting in which the client rents, and has full control of it, so dedicated servers are the ideal solution for those who need maximum privacy and performance.

Dedicated servers are not shared with any other user, but they are rented exclusively by a single client, this allows a fully personalized management of the server. This condition will provide a more controlled and fully tailored environment.

When we buy a shared server, what we are using is the resources of this with other clients. It is a cheaper option, but, consequently, the websites hosted on this type of server tend to be slower (especially at peak times when a higher flow of users visits the pages), and the technical problems of hosting, It can affect the rest of those who are under the same accommodation.

On the other hand, if hosting has a private server, all the resources and power of this are directed to it.